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General Information About the Counseling and
Psychotherapy Centers of Florida (CPC)

There is some general information you should be aware of when you seek counseling or psychotherapy.

  • Counseling and therapy can be helpful for most situations involving psychological, emotional, relationship, parenting, family and employment problems.
  • There is significant risk of harm to your health, well being, reputation, personal freedom and future if you participate in psychotherapy or counseling with an unlicensed unsupervised person.
  • You will get more out of therapy if you are informed, educate yourself and take an active (rather than passive) role in finding and selecting your counselor or psychotherapist.
  • Most problems require a minimum of 3 to 6 months of counseling or psychotherapy to produce a lasting benefit. Very few problems or conditions require more than 1 year. In most cases, psychotherapy is self-limiting for most major disorders and problems. However, many people will continue therapy or counseling for personal growth, relapse prevention and for support for more than a year.
  • Medications for emotional and psychological problems should be avoided unless (a) they are medically necessary, (b) there is no other acceptable alternative, and (c) the risk of taking (or not taking) medications is fully understood.
  • The licensed professional counselors at Counseling & Psychotherapy Centers of Florida (CPC) are bound by strict regulations governing confidentiality. The licensed professional counselors at CPC shall keep private and not publish, use or disclose to any other individual or entity, either directly or indirectly, Protected Information, except on the direct written permission of the patient/client. Confidential material can only be disclosed under very specific conditions. These conditions will be discussed during the initial scheduled session.



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Bad Children Can Happen To Good Parents by Norman Hoffman offers relief to parents who have been forced to accept guilt for the antisocial, aggressive behavior of their children.

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