Meet Dr Norm

A Message from Dr. Norm

“Let’s face it – even with the “best” parenting, kids don’t always act properly. But while some are quick to point the finger at parents, I am ready to lay out a plan to help teach you how to recognize the “red flags” and reshape your children’s behavior.

“Simply put, I was convinced that too many parents were undeservedly getting blamed for the unpleasant behavior of their children. And I did something about it."

“In writing my most recent book, Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents, I am offering help to all parents. Plus, a special hand to parents of children who actively display antisocial behavior."

“Through this Web site, my book, and my blog , I plan to offer the tools you need to help reshape your children’s behavior and to shift and improve the life of your family. Keep checking back for news, information, and resources designed to enhance your family life.

“Thank you for joining me on this journey of hope for parents and children.”

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