About The Book

Educating Families on the Difficulties of Parenting

Bad Children Can Happen to Good Parents: A Survival Manual for Parents of Difficult Children is a great read for parents and guardians who are experiencing guilt over the antisocial tendencies of their kids. It’s a manual that challenges not only classical and modern psychology but also puts an end to the popular myth that there are no bad children, only bad parents.


The Uncaring Child Syndrome

Readers will be introduced to the concept of uncaring children and what specialists call the uncaring child syndrome. These terms are used to describe kids who are often disconnected from their guardians. They lack the concept of guilt and remorse, blaming other individuals for their issues, misconducts, and actions. They are also skilled manipulators with fixed patterns of selfishness, recklessness, cold-heartedness, and hostility.

Getting Diagnosed With Behavioral Disorders

Uncaring children diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder are also commonly diagnosed with other conduct ailments. And, while these disorders can be blamed for the maladaptive traits in our kids, several behaviors observed in uncaring children are also similar to adult antisocial personality disorder. Therefore, the timely and accurate diagnosis of the Uncaring Child Syndrome is very important.


Help is Available

I’m Dr. Norman E. Hoffman, a trusted psychotherapist and president of the National Board of Forensic Evaluators. I am a board-certified mental health counselor specializing in the needs of children with behavioral disorders, and I’m here to tell you that kids with these behaviors are not the fault of their parents. Should you need help in diagnosing or treating these disorders in your child, I’m always ready to assist.

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