Consultation with Dr. Norm

Coaching Parents of Children with Problem Behaviors

Purpose of Coaching

Coaching for parents of children with behavioral problems is designed to help the parent be a more effective parent while contending with unwanted behaviors. The goal is to provide the parent with strategies to remove the targeted maladaptive misbehaviors of their child. In addition, the coaching has been useful for parents with adult misbehaving children.

How long is each session?

Sessions are a full 60 minutes.

How are sessions held?

Sessions are conducted via Zoom

Are the sessions covered by insurance?

No. Insurance does not cover coaching

Can I tape the session?


Can I have a third person listen in?


How do I pay for the session?

See Paypay button to pay for Coaching

How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Norm?

Use contact form below

Dr. Norm is available for consultation via Zoom. Make payment through Paypal link below and contact Dr. Norm to schedule an appointment